Noticias Festival
Cinema Jove’s Program : Tuesday 26th

La Filmoteca

11:30h. (Features movies Official Selection) Restos de viento

18h. ( Special projection) Yo la busco, introduced by its director, Sara Gutiérrez.

20h. (SFeatures movies Official Selection) The Hungry Lion, introduced by its director, Takaomi Ogata

22.30h. (Features movies Official Selection) Jibril, introduced by its director Henrika Kull

Teatre Rialto

18h. Proyección ‘Curts Comunitat Valenciana’, introduced by José Luis Moreno and Dora Martí, from IVC.

20h. (Shortmovies Official Selection) Cortos 5: Cerulia, The president visit, Portuaris (Out of competition) introduced by its director José Ángel Montiel, A drowning man and Avec Thelma

22.30h. (Shortmovies Official Selection) Cortos 10: Circle, In a nutshell, Aria, Caroline, The shadow of utopia and Terremoto santo

Centre del Carme, claustro

22.30h. (The Young Brian De Palma) Obsession

Centre del Carme, Sala Goerlich

21h. (Beats & Frames) Moog and What the future sounded like

22.45h. (Beats & Frames) Raw chicks Berlin

00.30h. Electronic session by DJ Biano.


MuVIM, Aula de didáctica

9:00h. Meeting of regions shortmovies catalogue representanst

MuVIM, Salón de actos

11:00h. Meeting of festivals with distributor and professionals. Presentation of Comunitat Valencia’s film festival presented by directors and programators.
12:00 h. Session ‘One to One’ between festivals and professionals and individual meeting in a networking’s dynamism. (You must apply in